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Fluid Bed Granulator

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Fluid Bed Granulator

Fluid Bed Granulator USAGE

FBG Fluid Bed Granulator Series fluid bed dryer & granulatoris used in pharmaceutical solid dosagearea for mixing,granulation and dryingapplication;or drying the wet granulesprocessed from high shear mixergranulator. lt's the major processingequipment in solid dosage productionline.The equipment is PLC automationcontrolled and well satisfies the currentGMP and China Pharmacopoeia regulation.

Fluid Bed Granulator  WORKING PRINCIPLE:The take in air is processed from theinlet AHU unit through three filters andheated,and blow up the material from itsair distributor uniformly and dried by thehot air.  In case of fluidized granulation,the binderis sprayed from the peristaltic pumpthrough the spray gun into the chamber   onto the product surfaces.The productcoheres together by the binder whichforms the binder bridge to form the coregranules and grows up then formed. Thebinder bridge is evaporated away by thehot air and the evenly dried granulesformed.Fluid Bed GranulatorFluid Bed Granulator FEATURES

1. Fluid Bed Granulator INLET AHUThe inlet AHU consists of G4,F8,H13 filter and heaterwith accurate temperature control_ The inlet air flow isvariable controlled by the exhaust air fan motor VFDfrom the HMl.

2.Fluid Bed Granulator MAIN BODY STRUCTUREThe main body structure consists of lower bowl,movableproduct bowl, fluidized chamber,expansion chamber/filter housing.The lower bowl, product container andfluidized chamber are inflatable sicon gasket sealedwith compress air inspection sensor to assure thereliable sealing

3. PRODUCT FILTERThe double structured bag filter in two pieces(in caserequest,stainless steel fiter available)is inflatable silicon gasket sealed between the expansion chamber innersurfaces with compress air inspection sensor to assurethe reliable sealing.A dust sensor is mounted on theexhaust piping and interlocked from control sys tosecure the product safety during processing stage.

4.EXHAUST AHUThe exhaust dust collection filr is optionally designedfor protect environment.     

5.2Bar & 10Bar POWDER EXPLOSIONThe 2bar and I0 bar powder explosion proof designis selectable to ensure the operator,equipment andenvironment safety with reliable grounding device.

6.FLUIDZED GRANUL ATIONIn case of fluidized granulation is requested,the bindersolution tank and spray sys with peristaltic pump would

be designed and offered.The binder is sprayed from theperistaltic pump through the spray gun into the chamberonto the product surfaces.The product coheres togetherby the binder which foms the binder bridge for formthe core granules and grows up and formed.The binderbridge is evaporated away by the hot air and the evenlydried granules formed.

7.UNLOADING SYSThe lifting tipping with on-line dry cone mill- sysor.vacuum loading mounted on lifter. with online drycone mill sys is designed and offered to form the dustfree material unloading from fluid bed sys to assure thedry sizing and clean production requirement accordingto current GMP regulation.

Fluid Bed Granulator

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