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Digital control slitting machine for jumbo roll

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Digital control slitting machine for jumbo roll

SLW Digital control slitting machine for jumbo roll:

Digital control slitting machine for jumbo roll is mainly to slit such kinds of plastic like POF, OPP,PET, CPP, PE, etc. It is an ideal machine for plastic related supplier.
1. Entire machine is controlled by PLC(6 servo motor), touch screen operation.
2. Unwind and sitting parts are separate, in case of pollute raw material.
3. Hydraulic system can be horizontal movement, as follows: a)(--/----/-)
4. Unwind is shaftless,3 or 6 inch, mechnical shaft.5. Unwind tension is controlled by moment of force, high precision imported servo drive.6. Unwind with offset device.
7. Razor cut, consists of razor and groove shaft.
8. Use spreader roll to spread the film in case of film wrinkles(optional)
9. Drive rolls ,increase the film forwarding capacity and separate the tensioninfluence between unwinding and rewinding station.
10. Rewinds part is consist of 4 independent parts.
11. Two groups of finished product on rewind will be spinning, in order to discharge of material.
12. Electrical system use AC servo drive technology.

13. Meter counting, can preset the length of finished product, auto stoppage.


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