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Autoamtic Roll To Square Bottom Paper Bag Making machine factory

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CY-290  Autoamtic Roll To Square Bottom Paper Bag Making machine

Autoamtic Roll To Square Bottom Paper Bag Making machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags from paper roll in blank or printed. Side gluing, tube forming, cutting, bottom creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and final product out feed can be completed within one time by this machine. 


It is ideal equipment for making paper bag for foodstuff bag, shopping bag and so on. Controlled by PLC system, equipped with in-touch screen and servo motor for bag length control,

Autoamtic Roll To Square Bottom Paper Bag Making machine can produce different size paper bag.



Paper Roll width

Tube length

320-900mm (12.60*-36.61") /600-1300mm (23.62"-5118")

260-533mm (10 24"-20 99") /260.4-533 4mm (10 25*-21")

Bag Width

Bottom Size

120-290mm (4.72*-1142" ) /220-460mm (8 66 18 11 )

60- 160mm (2 36"-6 30") / 60 160mm (2 36*"-6 30" )

Paper Thickness

Max Paper Roll Diameter

60-150gsm /60-150gsm

φ1300mm (51" ) /φ 1300mm (51" )

Material Core Diameter

Max.Production Speed

φ76mm(2.99") / φ76mm(2.99'")

200p cs/min /180pcs/min

Total Power

Machine Weight

15kw/ 15kw


Machine Size (LxWxH)

8600mmx2500mmx1800mm /800m3000mx1800mm

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Paper Bag Making machine

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