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Automatic roller compactor factory price

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Automatic roller compactor

Our factory provides a variety of Automatic roller compactor specifications products, as well as affordable prices of  Automatic roller compactor manufacturers. Our Automatic roller compactor products are highly praised and trusted  by European and American customers with high quality, and have a high reputation in the international pharmaceutical  industry.

roller compactor
GLX-150C Automatic roller compactor The summarize of the product

The GLX-150C Automatic roller compactor is the most advanced home-made one in the world, which is designed and developed on the basis  of GMP concepts and characteristics of Chinese patent medicines and biochemical medicines. lt's widely applied for granulation in such industries as pharmacy,food and chemical engineering, which is especially applicable for granulation of materials vulnerable to being decomposed and ineffective or agglomerated when  contacting wet and heat. The grains it produces are directly used for granule packets,tablets and filled capsules.

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